Since January 2015, nearly 2000 migrant persons have lost their lives in the Mediterranean. Most were refugees fleeing their home countries due to seemingly endless conflicts (Syria, Eritrea...). Europe must act.

On 25-26 June, European leaders will meet in Brussels to craft a new common migration policy. We need your help to mount the pressure before this decisive summit. Join the worldwide virtual protest #Occupy4Migrants to ask these leaders to ensure the protection of those who attempt to reach the European shores.

Together, we demand:

1/ The creation of a real Mediterranean rescue operation, complete with the means necessary to prevent shipwrecks and effectively save all those in distress.

2/ A show of solidarity in the reception of migrant persons on European territory.

3/ The opening of legal and safe channels that allow migrant persons to gain access to European territory without having to risk their lives.

To support these demands, all you have to do is click! Find your location on the map and call on European leaders to put emergency solutions in place to protect migrant persons.